Some Things They Didn't Tell You About Money

Picture 11You've been trying to keep it under wraps for a long time. You were worried if people found out the truth, that they'd look at you differently. That they'd question your art, your integrity, your self-worth. That they might even hiss that dirty little 's' word at you.... Sellout.

But, guess what? Your secret is out. I know this because 3600 of you (and counting) from 44 countries around the world came here to view this post in the past couple of days. The truth is...

You want money. You really want money.

And you know what? That's absolutely, totally 100% okay. You have permission to want money.

Because wanting money is never about wanting money. It's about wanting freedom. It's about wanting more resources. It's about having a greater ability to help yourself and to help others. It's about wanting to release anxiety and worry. It's about wanting to see your friends on the other side of the world. It's about wanting to eat healthy, beautiful food every single day. It's about creating amazing experiences for your kids. It's about having access to whatever supplies you need to express yourself in the fullest way possible. Why would you feel bad about wanting that?

Because everyone told you we were supposed to feel bad about that. They said money was dirty. That it ruined lives. That it caused war, famine, pain, violence. That wanting it made you a shallow person. So you silently agreed that you did not want or need this awful thing. You made an unconscious commitment to being poor so you would never have to participate in all that terribleness. But somehow, much to your dismay, the desire for money kept coming back to haunt you. Somehow it never went away. And now you're trying to reconcile this desire with everything they ever told you about money.

Turns out they got it wrong. Here are some things they should've told you, but didn't:

1) Money is about interconnectedness. It represents a beautiful expression of working together, of participating in the natural flow of give and receive.

2) Money is the most powerful healing tool we have on the planet. The more we have and circulate it, the more far-reaching our expressions of love can be.

3) Money is energy. It flows. It only becomes stagnant or dried up when we block its flow. JUST like creativity.

4) Money is not about numbers. It has only the value you give it. When you come from a place of lack, fear and greed, what you spend money on is ultimately meaningless. When you come from love, compassion and self-worth, what you spend it on is meaningful to you and others.

5) Money is one of our greatest teachers. Our feelings around wanting, having and keeping money provide one of the richest platforms for self-exploration. Self-worth, power, honor, compassion and joy are intertwined with money. When we explore money, we explore ourselves, and in exploring ourselves we create the possibility for more total self-expression.

6) Money is fiction. We made it up. Pieces of paper (or numbers on a screen) cannot control you. You always and only control it.

7) Money does not run out. Just because it's not in your bank account does not mean it isn't out there for the receiving. Money constantly circulates in abundance all over the planet. It moves from hand to open hand. There's no need to fear losing it. It's always around.

Phew. Isn't that a relief?

And, seriously - not to get even more touchy-feely on you - but I believe there's a reason you found this post. I believe you were meant to, that you're part of a larger collective of people who have decided that money is no longer for the sick, greedy, fear-based jerks of the world. Money is for you and me, the good ones. And we're going to do some seriously awesome, heart-centered, soulful shit with it.

Amiright, or what? Let's DO this. (Hey, and no more secrets, okay?)

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