You Wanna Get to the Root of It with Us?

Picture 7That's not a stock photo there. It's my super cool friend Jane Bergmark. Jane's one of those people who makes everything look effortless. She's got a full time job working with developmentally disabled adults, teaches regular yoga classes at the studio she owns, is a certified shiatsu practitioner, and, oh, in her spare time, raises four kids. All that, and she's constantly smiling and in good cheer. You'd loathe her if you didn't love her so much. Anyhoozie, I'm telling you about Jane because she and I will be co-teaching a one day workshop next month called Getting to the Root of It: Root Chakra Practices for Healing Your Money Story. The workshop will help women tap into their root chakra, an energy center in the lower body associated with survival and financial security. Jane will be leading folks through yoga poses and teaching them acupressure points to help open and clear the root chakra. I'll be sitting people down in chairs with journals and pens for some self-exploratory writing exercises that will disassemble self-limiting money beliefs and allow participants to rewrite a new money story. It will be the perfect blend of rejuvenating the spirit and the wallet.

If you live in the southern New England area and are interested in getting to the root of it with us, please visit the workshops page for all the delicious details. Class is limited to just 10 rockin' women and early-bird prices won't last long, so hurry!

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