Oh, What a Difference A Year Makes

Picture 11It's like this: I didn't always have it so good. In fact, here's what MY SITUATION WAS LIKE ONE YEAR AGO:

- Checking account down to zero after paying rent and bills

- No savings account

- Renting apartment in New England, not looking forward to the chilly winter

- Broken down and burnt out trying to break into film business for more than a dozen years

- Taking on work I didn't love in order to bring money in

- Staring down the barrel of 40 feeling like a failure

But, now, here's MY SITUATION TODAY:

- Checking account robust after paying bills

- Over $2K in savings account (1st savings account in 15 years)

- Stuff in storage. Excited & ready to travel to New Mexico for 4 months.

- Name on national PSA as producer/director. Name on upcoming Hollywood film as Associate Director. Two recent screenwriting competition placements.

- Feeling energized and alive

- Working for myself and my creative clients via All Creativelike

- Creative work seen and celebrated by thousands of people around the world

- Staring down the barrel of 41 feeling like a rock star

How did I get from Point A to Point B? Through a series of inner exercises and outer action steps, all of which I'll teach in the "Starving Artist No More!" e-course.

But the program starts on SUNDAY, so this is LAST CALL. Registration closes tomorrow in just over 24 hours (3 p.m. EST in the U.S.)

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