Leigh's List o' Links: Week of Dec. 8th

Picture 16 Oh, you wanna know some creativelike things that happened this week? Read on...

Did you know the U.S. Mint has an "Artistic Infusion Program"? Me neither. They recently put a call out to artists to design new coins.

LOVE this blog post on 7 Morning Mantras for Dreamers and Doers.

Google launched Open Gallery as an online tool for "artists, museums, archives and galleries." This article takes a look at Open Gallery's pros and cons.

Are you a wandering minstrel like I am? If so, you might dig this jewelry.

Elizabeth Gilbert has a new book out. I love what she has to say about writer's block and the importance of preparation here.

My favorite year-end list has arrived - NPR's favorite 100 songs of 2013. Hurrah!

Bloggers with dreams of becoming authors might benefit from this podcast.

Movie lovers and screenwriters will be glad to know that the scripts for 2013 Oscar-contenders are up online here.

Artist Simon Beck makes giant "crop circles" out of snow and - holy moly - they are GORGEOUS.

According to this article people don't actually LIKE creative thinking. Ouch!

Filmmaker Willem Martinot created a short film of Charles Bukowski's awesome poem Roll the Dice and it is beautiful and inspiring.

I'm a big fan of installation art, so I totally dug "34 Examples of Installation Art That Don't Suck."

I love Uppercase Magazine. I think a subscription to their quarterly eye candy would make a DELIGHTFUL holiday gift for you or a fellow artist. (Fun Fact: one of my artist manifestos will be featured in next quarter's issue!)

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