Leigh's List o' Links: Week of Dec. 15th

Picture 16 Oh, you wanna know some creativelike things that happened this week? Read on... Three cheers to the Annenberg Foundation who secretly purchased a treasure trove of sacred American Indian auction items and returned them to the tribe.

Read this wonderful rallying cry to young artists: "Art and Music Are Professions Worth Fighting For."

Elegant photos of a ballet dancer who's nine months pregnant and still dancing (with doctors' permission, of course.)

The city of Detroit may, sadly, have to liquidate its artwork after the bankruptcy filing lead to serious loss of income for retired public employees.

Speaking of Detroit, this writer's residency is giving away houses!

Poets! Behold the New Yorker poetry podcast introduced this week. 

If it involves dancing, I'm so there. So of course I dug these two downloads from KCRW's Travis Holcombe.

Curator Jerry Saltz picked his top ten art shows of the year.

Tis the season to make a gingerbread Optimus Prime.

Six award-nominated screenwriters discuss writing the most acclaimed films of 2013.

This duct tape sculpture by artist Takahiro Iwasaki is AMAZING.

Debbie Millman's book on courage and the creative life is sheer delight.

Calling all spacemen and women, the New Museum is turning its 5th floor into a space ship. Natch.

Swoon! You won't believe how gorgeous this rug made of digital watches is.

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