Want a Bigger Tribe and Some Extra Money?

Picture 7If the answer is yes, check out The Wider the Circle: A Step-by-Step Guide to Teaching Creative Classes Online. It's a jam-packed-with-tidbits 28 page guidebook for artists and creative people who wish to serve a larger audience and bring in more income by teaching e-courses.

This simple, easy-to-use guidebook is designed to encourage talented artists to share their gifts with the world, even ones who have never taught before. E-courses are, by their nature, unlimited by geography. This freedom allows artists to grow their tribe and widen their circle like never before.

Some of the topics covered in this guidebook include: * Brainstorming and Developing Your E-course * How to Choose Your Course Materials * How to Best Share Information Online * Pricing Your Course * Taking Online Payments * Working with Students * What To Include on a Program Page * How to Promote Your Course * Addressing Technical Issues * ...and MUCH more.

The guidebook also includes: * A 'Brainstorming Your E-course' Worksheet * A 'Building Your E-course' Worksheet * A handy E-course Checklist * and a Resources List (with website, app, & software recommendations)

Learn how to share your creative talents with the world, while making extra money in the process. The Wider the Circle guidebook will get you started on the "artistpreneur" path.

Cost is $13.99. A steal!

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