12 Artist Archetypes That Are Holding You Back (+ bonus Free One-on-One Coaching Call!)

Picture 14All artists deserve to be healthy, happy, and abundant. The "starving artist" archetype is a seriously tired, outdated model. We should THRIVE, because art and creativity are essential to well-being on planet earth. Because spending time worrying about money when you could be making your art is just lame, isn't it? It just really bums me out that so many artists I know are broke, tired, and under-appreciated. That's why - until tomorrow (midnight EST Feb 14th) - I'm giving away a powerful free excerpt from Starving Artist No More E-course Week 2 Workbook to anyone who wants it.

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I spent the last year taking online courses and doing a serious amount of internal and external work to change my relationship with money so I could transform from a starving artist to an abundant artist. Everything I learned that helped me increase my income, my exposure, and the overall feeling of peace in my life is included in the Starving Artist No More: Penniless to Prosperous in 8 Weeks e-course. (Some program participants have called the course miraculous!)

Still on the fence? How about a free download direct from the Week 2 Starving Artist No More workbook? This exercise - "12 Artist Archetypes That Are Holding You Back" - is one of dozens and dozens in the nearly 100 pages of workbook exercises available in the course. Download the exercise below, and sign up for the e-course by midnight February 14th (EST) to receive $100 off the regular price PLUS a 1.5 hour free coaching call with Leigh (who, if you didn't know, is an award-winning screenwriter, painter, and former gallery owner who has worked with scores of artists in her 20 career as educator and cheerleader.)

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