Why Don't Money and Creative People Seem to Mix?

closer headshotIt's a question I've been pondering for awhile. So I was thrilled when Ava Waits, an entrepreneur that I admire, asked me to be a part of her ongoing interview series about prosperity. It was the perfect chance to dig into this question.

On Thursday at 1:00 EST, Ava and I will be chatting about creative people and money, specifically about why creative folks are often broke BUT how they also hold the greatest prosperity potential (Yay!)

It's FREE to sign up (and you don't have to listen live as a replay will be sent afterwards.)

Topics of convo will be:

~ Why Creativity is Essential to Receiving Money

~ 6 Reasons Artists Reject Money

~ Easy Prosperity Practices to Up Your Money Mojo

Is it uncomfortable to talk about art and money? It sure is. But it's SO IMPORTANT, because when we don't have a good relationship with money it affects how self-expressed we are. Being fully self-expressed - the true mission of an artist - requires being unencumbered by fear, worry, doubt, and everything else that goes along with being broke.

Sign up here to join usThere is no catch. Just a good old-fashioned chat with two inspired gals!

If you want more info about clearing up your relationship with money, check out the Starving Artist No More E-course, Money Magnet Session, or the Prosperity Practices for the Creative Soul.

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