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One of the best things I ever did for my creative life was to make a commitment to daily practice.

With 48 Days of Creative Devotion I committed to making one complete work of art every day – no matter WHAT came up – for 48 days. When you make that kind of undeniable commitment magical things occur. Like the time I worked a 12 hour day with a 3 hour commute, came home exhausted and uninspired, only to go on and make one of my favorite pieces of the whole series. (One, incidentally, that was quickly purchased and became the inspiration for a new body of work!)

People who have taken this program have gone on to create new bodies of work, win awards at art shows they never thought they’d enter, complete full manuscripts of books they’d long wanted to write, start an art teaching career, and more.

What does the program entail?
Access to a private Facebook forum of fellow artists, cheerleading and support from me and others, weekly facilitated discussions about creativity, and the opportunity to include your works in an online exhibition curated by me at the end of the program.

What are the parameters?
There are three main “rules” – 1) that everyone makes one complete piece of creative work per day for 48 days straight, and 2) that the creative process for that work take a minimum of 25 minutes. (This 25 minutes doesn’t include uploading, printing, cleaning up or other things related to the creative process. It should be solely dedicated to the act of making), and 3) all works will be shared – without apology or complaint! – to our loving, private Facebook forum.

What types of artwork can be made in the program?
All sorts of works! Drawings, paintings, short stories, digital collages, songwriting, choreographed dance, mini-quilts, etc. For ceramic artists, we’ll accept that one fully formed clay piece a day, regardless of being fired and glazed, will be considered complete. For writers in longer form mediums like books or screenplays, we’ll ask for a piece that has a beginning, middle and end such as a completed scene or chapter. Photographers will have to consider the 25 minute “rule” and adjust accordingly. This may mean setting up a still life, or creating a thematic body of work per day, or perhaps extensive editing.

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What if I’m afraid to share my work?
In my experience running several of these groups, the people involved are incredibly supportive and caring. There is NO critique of the work, only sharing out of joy and camaraderie.  

What if I’ve never made any art before?
Then this program is PERFECT for you. It’s the ultimate safe space to be accountable to the process and share your work in a loving, non-judgmental environment.

What if I skip a day?
Of course I urge people not to skip days, but if it happens you can either double up the next day, add a day to the end of the program, or forgive yourself and move on.

Who will be in this program with me?
You can expect a wonderful, diverse group of people of varying race, gender, religious and political affiliations and any other way a person can be beautifully unique. Please note: criticism, written or otherwise, of any race, religion, gender, or political affiliation will not be tolerated in the program.

What does it cost?
A one time $40 fee for the entire shebang.

How do I sign up?   
(NOTE: REGISTRATION IS CLOSED.) Just click the Paypal button below and follow the prompts! I'll send a confirmation email of your payment within 24 hours. I'll also send you a link to join our private Facebook group - BUT not until a few days before we start.