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In painting I intend to make connections between me and color, between me and nature, between the subjects of these paintings and the viewers who gaze at them. I love vibrancy. When I look at a canvas and want to physically eat the color, I feel I'm on the right track. In my own work and others I love seeing the mark of the artist in the strokes made on paper and canvas. I want the process to be a tangible part of the result. This small selection of sold works celebrates a love of the flora and fauna of our natural world. To see what's currently available please visit my shop.

Found Poem Collages

This is an ongoing series of found poem collages that I've extracted from a vintage book written in the 1940's about eugenics. Frankly, it's a book that belongs in the trash, but cutting it apart and turning it into funny collages with a feminist twist is a satisfyingly subversive act. I love playing with the confluence of text and image. I turned eight of these images into postcards and, when in stock, they can be found in my shop.

Hand-dyed Linens

This is a cross-section of linens dyed by hand using a fabric dyeing process called shibori, which originated in the 8th century Japan. Patterns are made by twisting, folding, compressing and binding the cloth in various ways using bands, blocks, or string. The dye used is called indigo, which is derived from plants. Available linens can be found in my shop. I also dye bolts of raw fabric for custom work. You can contact me about that here


When screenwriting found me in 1998 it was the perfect intersection of two things I dearly love - imagery and writing. I spent many years teaching myself the craft, and later went on work as a Hollywood script reader and screenwriter's assistant. For several years I taught screenwriting to adult students at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) while providing story notes to clients through my own business. The cover pages and loglines pictured in this link are for three award-winning feature-length screenplays I wrote. Copies of the scripts are available upon request.

Coloring Book

The drawings and text for the Animal Messages coloring book were made without preliminary sketching or preconceived idea. My goal was to "channel" whatever wanted to come through in a sort of stream-of-conscious artmaking process. There are 25 images within that I think are best colored with pencils or fine point markers. Each book is printed on my home printer and bound by hand. It can be purchased through my shop


My interest in filmmaking grew out of my love of screenwriting. Though I've never formally studied either, I've spent many years reading and analyzing scripts and working in film production in New York, Rhode Island, and Los Angeles (doing everything from craft services to Directors' Assistant). In 2001 I wrote, produced, and directed my first short film, "The Date." Over the following dozen years I made other short films, both for passion and for hire. 

"Just Watch Me" print

On a walk with my dog at a nearby park I found a piece of circular paper that I intended to turn into a moon in a collage piece. The more I drew, painted, and glued the less the circle worked. Instead, this wonderful young gal choose to emerge from the work. Her message, "Just watch me, I'll show you" carries a double meaning, depending on how you read it. A high-quality archival print of this piece can be found in my shop

Heart of the Sea

Once, after a beach walk where I turned a bunch of upside down horseshoe crabs right side up (something marine biologists say actually helps the little fellas) I looked down at my feet to find a root ball wrapped in seaweed. In that moment seeing this unique natural object felt like a wondrous gift. I had to take the "Heart of the Sea" home and photograph it. High-quality archival prints of this natural beauty can be found in my shop.

Self-Love Guidance Cards

I created this self-love card deck as a reminder that it's okay to put oneself first, especially during hard times, because self-care is the foundation for healing. Each of the 40 cards enclosed has a simple action step around self-love, which might remind us of what we already know or, perhaps, help introduce new self-care practices into our day-to-day life. You can purchase Birdmoon's Self-Love Guidance Cards in my shop

"We Are Creators" Manifesto

If I have one message for the artists of the world it is that what you do is immensely valuable.  This manifesto serves as both rally cry and love letter to my fellow creators. It was featured in Uppercase magazine and is available as a print in my shop.

Magnets + Ornaments

In 2016 we lost a slew of influential artists.  I felt compelled to honor them with memorial magnets and ornaments. Each is one of a kind and made with paper clay, then painted with acrylic paint and sealed with water-based polyurethane. Each has the artist's name painted on the back. My hope is that these little works remind people of the important contribution artists make to the world. To see available artist memorial magnets and ornaments visit my shop