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Since 2005 I've provided development notes and writing support to, mainly, screenwriters and non-fiction writers, though I occasionally work with fiction writers. 

Me and my wonderful client Mai Donohue at the book launch of her memoir " Crossing the Bamboo Bridge: Memoirs of a Bad Luck Girl " in Sept. 2016  (  photo by Aileen Brown)

Me and my wonderful client Mai Donohue at the book launch of her memoir "Crossing the Bamboo Bridge: Memoirs of a Bad Luck Girl" in Sept. 2016 (photo by Aileen Brown)

Some of the services I provide to writers include: 

* STORY NOTES:  Story notes happen on a completed draft of a writer's work. I aim to uncover the areas where the writer's voice and message is clear and where it is lost, muddled, or missing. Story notes often include broad stroke comments on theme, structure, pacing as well as more detailed notes on individual aspects of the work and how they fit into the larger whole.

* NON-FICTION BOOK PROPOSAL: I work with writers on boiling their book ideas down to the essential components, pinpointing their audience, creating compelling titles and subtitles, assist them with researching competitive titles if needed, provide feedback on sample chapters, and assist them in assembling compelling book proposals for submission.

* BOOK LAUNCH/EVENT PLANNING: For indie authors I help plan and execute all the details of a successful book launch or book-related events, from finding a venue to getting people in the door. Typically this includes phone calls as well as ongoing emails over the course of 3 months.

* RESEARCH: I provide research support both during the writing stage and after. I've done everything from paranormal research to simply finding the best local bookstores for a person to sell their work. 

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Rates vary depending on the nature and length of the piece. If interested please contact me and I will send an intake form to see if we are a good match for one another.