beyond 48

Congrats on completing your 48 days! <shakes pom poms>

For those who have already gone through the original 48 Days of Creative Devotion program and want to continue on with a creative support group, there’s Beyond 48, a follow-up six-week program.

What are the dates?
Wednesday October 10th through Tuesday November 20th, 2018.

What's it all about?
*Minimum of 25 minutes of creativity per day.

* Works shared in the private forum (without apology, justification, or complaint!)

* NOT required to complete a work per day, but instead may focus on larger or longer works.

* As with 48 Days of Creative Devotion, all sorts of works may be done - drawings, paintings, short stories, digital collages, songwriting, choreographed dance, quilts, ceramics, books, screenplays, songwriting, photo series, poems, and more. 

What does it cost?
The six-week program is $40.