From the moment I scratched out my first poem with a blue crayon at the age of 5 years old, writing has enamored me. My first published book, The 1-Minute Writer was released in January 2019 with Simon & Schuster. As an aspiring screenwriter I’ve been a finalist and semi-finalist in national screenplay competitions, and am a two-time Screenwriting Merit Fellow through my home state of Rhode Island. As an arts and culture reporter for Patch.com I wrote more than 100 published articles, and was one of the first travel bloggers for Boston.com when blogging first became a thing! As a researcher and freelance writer I've had the pleasure of working with many artists, entrepreneurs, and small business owners over the years.  

I've been a practicing visual artist since before I can remember. Since graduating from the Hartford Art School in 1994 as an "Experimental Studio" major, I've been fortunate to display my work in various exhibition spaces around southern New England. Depending on my mood and what's right in front of me, I use acrylic paint, stamped ink, watercolor, or found text cut from vintage books. I'm happy that various pieces and exhibits have been written up in The Boston Globe, The Providence Phoenix, and The Block Island Times over the years. 

My interest in filmmaking grew organically out of my love of screenwriting. Over the years I've written, directed, and produced a handful of short films, one of which won an award at the Rhode Island International Film Festival (RIIFF) and was a curated selection at the 2010 Online New England Film Festival. Later, another short film I made also premiered at RIIFF. I’ve worked many jobs in film production on both independent and Hollywood films – from craft services to casting assistant. I was also an Associate Producer on THE ATTICUS INSTITUTE with writer/director Chris Sparling (BURIED, SEA OF TREES), and was hired to write, direct, and produce a short video about an artist with leukemia for the Healthcare.gov website.  

Encouraging creative people and helping bring greater exposure to their work is a passion of mine. I’ve been blessed to help support many, many artists in all disciplines – from midwifing an independent author's incredible memoir, to booking a young Josh Ritter at a coffee shop gig, to giving notes to a first time screenwriter that helped her break into Hollywood. I’ve volunteered my time mentoring young urban playwrights, and I’ve sat on juries for regional film festivals and arts councils. I’ve eagerly provided research for filmmakers, including my former boss Andrew Marlowe, screenwriter and creator of the TV show CASTLE. And, I’ve helped a variety of creative folks launch their websites, plan events, refine their creative focus, and much more. Almost nothing brings me more joy than seeing an artist succeed. 

Teaching is a soul-satisfying venture. For a brief, but wonderful, spell I was a middle school art teacher at a private school in Connecticut. I also developed art workshops and classes for people of all ages and skill levels, including workshops for those with Alzheimer’s disease, developmental disabilities, and traumatic brain injury. At the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) I taught screenwriting and filmmaking courses in the Continuing Education program for several years. Today I teach creative workshops out of my home and, occasionally, at locations around southern New England.

A few years ago, before a (now resolved) health crisis derailed us, my husband and I owned Rhode Island Rustic, a handmade home goods business. During that time I taught myself the art of shibori fabric dyeing techniques that originated in 8th-century Japan. Shibori linens are made with a plant-based dye called indigo, making them a bit more eco-friendly than usual fabric dyes. In the warm weather I teach shibori workshops from our home. Any hand-dyed linens we have available can be found in our Etsy store.

Creativity is all about making the invisible visible. Perhaps that fact explains my abiding interest in spirituality. Whether I'm painting, dyeing linens, teaching students, or engaging in any other creative pursuit, I am keenly aware of being in a liminal space between "here" and "there." My interest in spirituality has brought me on many adventures, which, in turn, fuel my creative nature. I’ve meditated in a Zen monastery, celebrated Easter in a born-again Christian church, been rebirthed by a shaman, and kept my sanity in check with the Tao te Ching. When it comes to understanding the invisible world my curiosity knows no bounds.I