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“I hired Leigh to read a first draft of my novel and provide feedback. She did a wonderful job providing me non-biased opinions in a timely fashion. I found she struck a good balance between helping with the nuts-and-bolts of grammar and with the overarching shape of my story. Her help was crucial, and I’d recommend her to anyone.” – E.A. Mann, novelist

“I had the privilege of working with Leigh at the beginning of my career as a full-time artist. Leigh was one of the first to bring my art into a gallery setting and was so encouraging of my growth. She has a gift for working both with the artists and the lovers and supporters of the arts.” – Rachel Austin, fine artist





“Like most people who decide to write a screenplay, I knew nothing about writing screenplays. I bought some books, read a few scripts and charged ahead. And the first draft turned out OK. But then I sent it to Leigh. The notes she gave me were full of things that I didn’t want to hear. But I needed to hear them. Character, structure, theme, pacing – she showed me what wasn’t working and then she gave me the tools to fix it. I listened and the results were beyond what I ever could have achieved on my own. My script made it to the semifinals of the Nicholl Fellowship. It landed me a manager and an agent. An Oscar winner wants to produce it. I’ve just spent the past month meeting with some of the top production companies and studios in Hollywood. I am officially living the dream. And I couldn’t have done it without Leigh.” – Eirene Donohue, screenwriter of MTV’s “Ladie’s Man: A Made Movie”

“I highly recommend working with Leigh.  She helps me with everything from brainstorming new events, to sending imaginative e-blasts, to writing and timing social media posts.  Since I hired Leigh almost two years ago my sales are up 20%, and I have more time to concentrate on the bigger picture aspects to my business.” – Elizabeth Kiepert, MUSE American Handcrafted






“We have partnered with Leigh on two documentary films about L.I.F.E. Inc. and I can’t begin to describe what a wonderful experience it was.  As the producer and director, she was able to masterfully craft our story onto film, enough so that we have been able to use them to secure significant grant funding for our Outsider Art Studio, Top Drawer @ The Brass. She was incredibly professional, easy to work with, and genuinely interested in the story that we had to tell.” – Liz Weidenhofer, L.I.F.E. Inc. 

“I was struck immediately by Leigh’s thoroughness. I found her to be an extremely helpful and giving resource person. I was extremely impressed with her ability to express valuable insights without the slightest hint of potentially bruising a writer’s ego. As a former teacher, I recognize what a skill set that entails. Her aim was to help, and she did that. In spades. She has inspired me to have a go at a re-write. Let me say, this is a valuable prize for any future winner.” – John Bain, 1st Place winner of the 2009 RI International Film Festival Screenplay Competition






“Leigh’s Screenwriter Shape-Up was just the kick-start that my creativity needed. With daily inspiration, and 24/7 access to Leigh and my fellow Shape-Up writers I saw my creativity, excitement, and productivity all increase. I would highly recommend the Shape-Up to any writer looking for that helping hand we all need from time to time.” – Brad Johnson, Script magazine columnist & screenwriter

“Leigh’s talented and creative mind transforms the ‘mundane’ moment into the hilarious, the ‘interesting’ statement into the thrilling tweet, and the ‘pedestrian’ report into the lyrical share. She takes social media to the next level, knowing every word counts in gaining influential followers, friends and fans.” – Mary Healey Jamiel, URI Professor and director of Holy-Water Gate and Searchdog







 “What really sets Leigh apart is her ability to not simply zero in on what is broken — she has a keen sense of how to actually FIX it. Regardless of where my work goes from here, Leigh’s influence has made me a better writer, and I am grateful for the opportunity to work with her.” – Christy Nadalin, freelance writer & editor