Your Art Is a Love Letter

Picture 4Dear Fabulous Creative Person, I was kicking around ideas for today's blog post, when I finally thought, "Why don't I just sit down, get quiet and see what comes to me."

So that's what I did. I closed my eyes, opened my palms, took a deep breath and asked the universe, "What should I write about today?"

And it answered, "Write about love." And I said, "Okay, sure. But what about love? And how does that relate to creative folks?" And it said, "Write about how artists are lovers, about how every work of art is a love letter."

And I thought about that. I mean, what an idea, that every piece of art you make is an extension of your heart. I have never truly looked at art in this way. I've understood it as a form of communication, sure, but not as a "I-Simply-Must-Confess-My-Overwhelming-Passionate-Feelings-Toward-You" sorta thing. That's something else.

It's an idea that suggests a deep abiding love for humanity such that we ache to convey our feelings. It's saying that when someone sees what you have made, what you have brought forth as a creation that was first nothing and is now something, they will melt. They will swoon. They will think to themselves, "OH GOD YES, I LOVE YOU TOO."

It's no surprise the universe directed me to write about this today as I had this very experience last night. During a backyard benefit concert, I was listening to one of my favorite local musicians* and I literally thought, "I love you. I really love you." And it wasn't about him as a person (I don't know him at all and I have a very lovely boyfriend, thankyouverymuch.) No, it was about the song, the love letter. In that moment, his passion was written down, stamped, sent across the wires, delivered to me, opened and received clearly. I got it. And so did many others in the crowd, including the gentleman in front of me who had to take off his glasses to wipe away tears. When we do it right the love letter that feels so specific and personal reaches many. That's the beauty of universal appeal.

So, that's my practice for this week, to look at my creations as love letters, to make art that burns for you. I invite you to join me and report back in the comments.

Until the next, my love...

xo Leigh

(*You can hear this beautiful music right here.)

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