Starving Artist Testimonial

JENAs I gear up to launch the Starving Artist No More e-course again next month, I thought I'd share a really beautiful testimonial about the program from an incredible poet, author and teacher, Jennifer Lighty. Jen was part of the inaugural SANM course back in October with 12 other participants. It was truly humbling and awe-inspiring to see the amount of inner shifts and breakthroughs people had around money, self-worth, and the importance of individual creative expression.

Here's what Jen had to say about it:

"Before I took the Starving Artist No More e-course with Leigh Medeiros I probably referred to, or thought of myself as 'broke' at least once a day.  Over twenty years of following my calling to be a writer had brought me little to no financial benefit, and a load of debt that seemed overwhelming. But some voice inside said, 'You need to do this.'

I registered and paid for the course and immediately began to talk myself out of the possibility that it could work, which I continued to do through the first two weeks of the course. However, I applied myself to the exercises and was amazed to discover how quickly my attitudes and beliefs about money began to shift as I became curious at how those beliefs had been shaped by my parents, culture, and personal experience.

I was wary of New Age 'woo woo' practices that promised quick fixes without considering the deeper underlying problems, problems that I believed, stemmed from money itself. Money caused people to do terrible things to each other and the earth, but I needed it to live. Not only that, I wanted it. I lived in a constant state of worry and frustration. This conflict about my desire, layered with shame about not having enough money, resulted in constantly feeling that I was not good enough as an artist or person.

Through working the Starving Artist No More program I was able to repair my self-esteem and shift my perspective towards money in ways that feel miraculous when I look back at how I felt before the course. My relationship with money has totally shifted. I no longer feel 'broke.' I believe in myself, and though the course has just ended, I have begun to see results in the material world as well as the emotional.

The support, enthusiasm, vision, and encouragement that Leigh Medeiros provided throughout the course was generous and grounded. If you, like me, have ever felt that money is holding you back from your dream of bringing your creative gifts to the world, take the leap and sign up for this course. You will not regret it. You will probably be writing a testimonial for it yourself!"

WOW. Thank you, Jen, for your amazing dedication, spirit and kindness. If anyone reading this is interesting in signing up for the next Starving Artist No More e-course in February, please be sure to sign up for the mailing list here.

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