Living on the Vulnerable Edge

laluzLast night I taught a workshop to ten folks at this sweet, little yoga studio in the southern New Mexico desert. The class was called "Creating a Path to Financial Abundance." Despite the fact that I teach this material online, I'd never done an in-person workshop about the topic. Admittedly, I was NERVOUS. Of the thoughts going 'round in my head, "What if I freak out and make an ass of myself?" "What if I don't know what the hell I'm talking about?" "What if someone asks me something and I don't have an answer for it?" and "What if I come across as ridiculous and naïve?"

To help calm my nerves I pulled an oracle card (one of the ways I connect to Spirit) and asked that I be a clear channel for information to come through, and that everyone in the class receive a piece of information that would help transform them.

Ultimately, the night unfolded beautifully, with laughter, serious admissions about the truth of our financial lives, and much discussion about how to bring abundance into our lives. And, miraculously, I did not make an ass of myself. When it was all over the wonderful folks clapped, as though I had delivered a spectacular performance and not just facilitated a conversation among people.

It was a great feeling, and it reminded me of the truth about growth - we must go to our vulnerable edge, to that uncomfortable place if we want to grow. It's crucial if we want to fight against stagnation. And, as creative people, we do, don't we?

When's the last time you did something uncomfortable or vulnerable for your creative work? How did you feel before and after? Tell me in the comments.

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