Oh Desert, You Are My Muse!

Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 8.24.17 AMAfter I kicked my starving artist to the curb over a year ago, it freed me up to envision an abundant new life. The main focus of this new life was to create a mobile lifestyle, so I could work anywhere. Once that happened I decided that "anywhere" was New Mexico, a place I'd dreamed of living for more than a decade.

This week marks the end of a four-month stint working and traveling in the aptly named "Land of Enchantment."

My experience with the land, animals, people and flora have been nothing short of soul-satisfying and life-changing. Daily, I found inspiration in the light, the textures, the shapes, the colors, and perhaps even, the soul of things.

New Mexico has truly called forth a deepening of Possibility (yes, capital P), and a serious boost to my creative state.

Swoon-worthy, am I right?

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