10 Steps to Take When You're Having a Money Drama

321938695_42f2f76734_bIt happens. You forget to pay a 0% credit card bill on time and now your interest rate has gone through the roof. You didn't anticipate your car breaking down, nor the subsequent whopper of a repair bill. You spent the fat paycheck from that last art sale on rent, but now the client wants to return the work. When that stuff happens and we get sent into a tailspin, it's a MONEY DRAMA. None of us are immune to these sorts of things, since life is chock full of unanticipated happenings. But unlike other out-the-blue occurrences, money dramas seem to really knock us off our feet and bring up all sorts of fears.

Fortunately, there are steps we can take to help us go from full throttle Money Drama Panic to calm and centered action.

1) Get Grounded. As mentioned, money dramas cause reactions (panic, anger, sadness, etc.), so the first the first thing to do is ground your energy. Take a few minutes to be alone, quietly, so you can ground and center yourself. This might include deep breathing, journaling, walking in nature, or anything else that brings you back to center.

2) Remind Yourself That You Can Handle This. Shift your thinking from panic to possibility by reminding yourself that you are capable of handling this problem with ease and grace. Saying things like, “Even though I feel panicked about this situation, I know I will find a way to resolve it,” or “I have been in tough spots before and I’ve always gotten through them. This is an opportunity for me to use my creative power to create a new, improved situation for myself.”

3) Set your Intention. Before getting into action, set your intention to help create the outcome you want. I usually say something like, “I intend for this situation to be resolved peacefully and easily.” “I intend for X to receive their money by the agreed upon deadline in a way that is easy and simple for both of us.” This may sound pretty woo-woo (and it is!), but it's also a powerful tool that clarifies for both yourself and the Invisible Powers That Be just exactly what you want to attain and in what manner.

4) Visualize. What does the resolution of this money drama situation look like? Figure that out, and then take some time to visualize it. Does it look like mailing next month’s rent? Does it look like finding your lost wallet? Take time to get clear on what resolution looks like. Just like setting intentions, visualizing is a powerful tool that sends a signal out to the universe relaying exactly what you want. It can then assist you in bringing you that.

5) Brainstorm Actions. Make a list of all the ways you can take action to resolve the situation. Don’t edit the list, just put all the possibilities out there. Think on people who may support you, or tools you could use, etc.

6) Prioritize and Take it Step by Step. Move forward toward resolution by being in action. Take one step at a time with the most important action item being handled first. Hard as it can be, don't shrink, procrastinate, or avoid getting into action when it comes to money dramas. They won't resolve on their own (trust me!)

7) Call in Support if Need Be. Whether you need emotional support, or actual tangible helping hands, consider asking for help if you need it. It's far too easy for folks to feel shame, embarrassment, or pride when dealing with money dramas, but truly EVERYONE has experienced them before. Knowing you're supported can make a huge difference to your state of mind, which, in turn, makes a big difference on the outcome.

8) Stay Focused on Big Picture. Know that this is a blip on the screen of your life. This situation will pass just like all the other challenges have passed. When you are dedicated and focused on healing your money drama and stepping into abundance, these situations will become fewer and farther in between. And, they will tend to move through more quickly as you engage your inner technology and outer action steps.

9) Fearless Self-Searching. Once your money drama resolves itself take some time to reflect on how and why the situation came to you. Ask yourself, “In what ways was I responsible for creating this situation?” “How can I alter my thoughts, behaviors or actions so that this situation does not happen again?” “Is there anyone that I need to communicate in a more clear and direct way?”  “Is there a system I can put in place to avoid this money drama in the future?” Using your money drama as a teacher, will serve you well in the future.

10) Get Empowered. Use this opportunity to step up your game. Take a money class, or enlist the help of an accountant, open a savings account, etc. Setting yourself up for success before a problem arises will help move you through them with ease and grace next time around.

Sure, it takes practice to slow ourselves down and reassess when freaking out, but with some dogged diligence you can find peaceful resolutions and redirect your energy toward something much more important and productive - being an artist.

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Photo by Nate Steiner//cc

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