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Things I Can Help You With…

  • Developmental & Story Notes for Non-Fiction Writing & Screenplays

  • Non-fiction Book Proposals

  • Research 

  • Book Launch & Event Planning

  • Social Media Strategy

  • Book Marketing 

  • Creative Coaching to Bring Your Work from Concept to Completion

The writing life comes with pitfalls, amiright? Sometimes it’s discombobulation and a lack of time management, other times it’s the ennui of a much belabored manuscript. Getting the right support can elevate your work, ease your mind, keep you focused, and help you expand your audience.

For these reasons, the services I provide are highly specialized and based on each writer’s needs and desires. I don’t just take into consideration the words on the pages, but also get to know you as an individual to see how I can best support you.

Below is a list of way that I can help you. Oftentimes what I do is a combination of several of these things, but they’ll give you a good idea of where I can support you. Have a gander, then shoot me a note using the form at the bottom of the page!

Me and my wonderful client Mai Donohue at the book launch of her memoir " Crossing the Bamboo Bridge: Memoirs of a Bad Luck Girl " in Sept. 2016  (photo by Aileen Brown)

Me and my wonderful client Mai Donohue at the book launch of her memoir "Crossing the Bamboo Bridge: Memoirs of a Bad Luck Girl" in Sept. 2016 (photo by Aileen Brown)

  • DEVELOPMENTAL & STORY NOTES: Giddy-up! These super duper, detailed notes are for completed non-fiction manuscripts and feature-length screenplays (of any genre.) They offer an in-depth analysis of all the parts of your work (structure, plot, character, voice, style, theme, etc.) to determine the strengths and weaknesses of your narrative. I give a detailed overview of issues as well as page-by-page suggestions on how to tighten up the work. Kinda like having X-ray eyes, you know? See below for rates.

  • NON-FICTION BOOK PROPOSALS: An important step toward getting your gorgeous non-fiction book published! This is for authors who are aiming to hit up traditional publishers. I can walk you through a step-by-step process of creating a non-fiction book proposal from scratch, or make suggestions on revisions for an existing proposal. We’ll boil your non-fiction book idea down to the essential components, pinpoint the audience, create compelling titles and subtitles, research your competition, and tighten up your sample chapters. See below for rates.

  • CREATIVE COACHING: This is for folks who want someone to walk the path with them, or just hold their hand occasionally. If you need support in bringing a piece from concept to completion, I provide the accountability needed to stay on track. We’ll do weekly or monthly check-ins to discuss where you’re at, where you wanna be, and how to get from A to B. Each coaching call is 1 hour in length and includes a follow up email with notes and homework. See below for rates.

  • RESEARCH: I loooooove me some research. Whether it’s story research for your book or script, or compiling a list of bookstores and venues for your book launch, I am here for all your research needs. You tell me what you want to know and - voilá! - there’ll be a document sent your way with web links and accompanying summaries. See below for rates.

  • BOOK LAUNCH & EVENT PLANNING: Prepping for your creative project to break free of the cocoon and fly out into the world can be a daunting and nerve-wracking affair. If you want to create a master plan for your book launch, need help with finding and booking a venue, or would like someone help you plan and execute the entire creative event from soup-to-nuts, I’m your gal! See below for rates.

  • BOOK MARKETING & SOCIAL MEDIA CONTENT: This is the stuff that lots of artists find boring, but weirdos like me enjoy! I can help you conceive of print and web marketing materials, create a snappy bio, develop blurbs and summaries about your project, put together engaging social media content, write web copy, and more. See below for rates.

Rates: Developmental notes for full, non-fiction book manuscripts depends upon word count and runs between $500-$1000. Story notes for screenwriters depend upon page count and run between $250-$350. Creative coaching is $65/hr. and includes a follow up email with notes and homework. Support for book proposals, marketing, and social media is $45/hr. Research work is $25/hr. If you want a combination of bits and pieces of what I’ve mentioned here, contact me with your needs and I’ll work up a project rate for you.

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For those seeking developmental editing or story notes, are you willing and able to provide to provide a short excerpt of your manuscript or screenplay so I can gauge your readiness and determine whether we are a match? (Note that all excerpts will be kept confidential and are discarded afterwards.) *
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