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Things I Can Help You With…

  • Developmental & Story Notes for Non-Fiction Writing & Screenplays

  • Non-fiction Book Proposals

  • Creative Coaching

  • Personal Narrative/Writing Your Life Story

  • Book Launch & Event Planning

  • Social Media Strategy

  • Book Marketing 

  • Research

The writing life comes with pitfalls, amiright? Sometimes it’s discombobulation and a lack of time management, other times it’s the ennui of a much belabored manuscript. Getting the right support can elevate your work, ease your mind, keep you focused, and help you expand your audience.

For these reasons, the services I provide are highly specialized and based on each writer’s needs and desires. I don’t just take into consideration the words on the pages, but also get to know you as an individual to see how I can best support you.

Below is a list of ways that I can help you. Oftentimes what I do is a combination of several of these things, but they’ll give you a good idea of where I can support you. Have a gander, then shoot me a note using the form at the bottom of the page.

Me and my wonderful client Mai Donohue at the book launch of her memoir " Crossing the Bamboo Bridge: Memoirs of a Bad Luck Girl " in Sept. 2016  (photo by Aileen Brown)

Me and my wonderful client Mai Donohue at the book launch of her memoir "Crossing the Bamboo Bridge: Memoirs of a Bad Luck Girl" in Sept. 2016 (photo by Aileen Brown)

DEVELOPMENTAL & STORY NOTES: These super duper, detailed notes are for completed non-fiction manuscripts and feature-length screenplays (of any genre.) They offer an in-depth analysis of all the parts of your work (structure, plot, character, voice, style, theme, etc.) to determine the strengths and weaknesses of your narrative. I give a detailed overview of issues as well as page-by-page suggestions on how to tighten up the work. Kinda like having X-ray eyes, you know? See below for rates.

NON-FICTION BOOK PROPOSALS: An important step toward getting your gorgeous non-fiction book published! This is for authors who are aiming to hit up traditional publishers. I can walk you through a step-by-step process of creating a non-fiction book proposal from scratch, or make suggestions on revisions for an existing proposal. We’ll boil your non-fiction book idea down to the essential components, pinpoint the audience, create compelling titles and subtitles for your chapters, research your competition, and tighten up your sample chapters. See below for rates.

CREATIVE COACHING: This is for folks who want someone to walk the path with them, or just hold their hand from time to time. If you need support in bringing a piece from concept to completion, I provide the accountability needed to stay on track. Other things I work with people on, depending on their needs, are honing identity as an artist, time management, creative blocks, insecurities and fears about being seen, connecting to audience, and more. We do weekly or monthly check-ins to discuss where you’re at, where you wanna be, and how to get from points A to B. Each coaching call is 1 hour in length and includes a follow-up email with notes and homework. See below for rates.

PERSONAL NARRATIVE/LIFE STORY: Everyone has a compelling story to tell, and I can help you find and tell yours. It begins with recorded interviews with you in-person (locally) or over-the-phone. The interview process is one of deep listening, and often feels cathartic for the client. I am especially sensitive to uncovering stories that include abuse, physical challenges, and oppression or marginalization. If your story includes these aspects, we make sure to create a safe and loving space before beginning. I then transcribe the interviews and work with you to find the narrative within. I don’t do any writing in this process, but rather help to guide and shape the story’s narrative with you as we go along. It’s collaborative, but you retain your voice and vision all the way through. See below for rates.

BOOK LAUNCH & EVENT PLANNING: You’ve written a book. Yahoo! It’s exciting, but planning a book launch and related events can be daunting. If you want to create a master plan for your book launch, need help with finding and booking a venue, or would like someone help you plan and execute the entire creative event from soup-to-nuts, I’m your gal! See below for rates.

BOOK MARKETING & SOCIAL MEDIA CONTENT: This is the stuff that lots of artists find boring, but weirdos like me enjoy! I can help you conceive of print and web marketing materials, create a snappy bio, develop blurbs and summaries about your project, put together engaging social media content and web copy, and more. See below for rates.

RESEARCH: I love me some rabbit holes! I can provide story research for film, TV, and book projects or articles. I can also research things like bookstores in your region, agents you’d like to query, or anything else, really. You tell me what you want to know and soon thereafter you’ll receive a handy dandy document of web links, book and article titles, and more with short summaries describing each. See below for rates.

RATES: Developmental notes for full, non-fiction book manuscripts depends upon word count and runs between $500-$1000. Story notes for screenwriters depend upon page count and run between $250-$350. Creative coaching is $65/hr. and includes a follow up email with notes and homework. After initial one hour coaching consult, written support for book proposals, marketing, and social media is $45/hr. Research work is $25/hr. If you want a combination of bits and pieces of what I’ve mentioned here, contact me with your needs and I’ll work up a project rate for you. Personal narrative and life story rates depend upon the scope of the project, so please contact me for more information.

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